Statewide Voting Rights Organizer





Sam Coodley is the Statewide Voting Rights Organizer for the ACLU of Florida. From a young age, his Jewish upbringing inspired a passion to stand up for the civil rights of others. He is an alumni of Prescott College in Arizona where he studied Film Production. While earning his degree, he witnessed the negative impacts of discriminatory and unconstitutional laws such as “Show Me Your Papers” SB-1070, which compelled him to dedicate his content creation skills towards activism and community organizing. In addition to producing and editing multiple documentaries and promotional videos, he has worked as an organizer, regional field director, video coordinator, and policy advisor on a variety of issue-based campaigns. This work has included organizing candidate forums, protests, signature gathering drives for ballot initiatives, and get out the vote campaigns with a focus on fostering transformative relationships through a lens of accountability and intersectionality.

In 2018, he relocated to help the ACLU of Florida pass Florida's Amendment 4 to restore voting rights for over 1.4 million returning citizens. After this historic amendment passed, he decided to permanently reside in Florida to continue fighting to protect the voting rights of all Floridians. Sam is based out of Jacksonville where he spends his off time volunteering in the community, seeking out new places to paddle, and actively learning about the North Florida communities he now calls home.