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James Herard is Field Director for the ACLU of Florida since September 2019. He is a lifelong political and community organizer with nearly two decades of professional experience moving community members and community stakeholders into collective action.

Prior to ACLU, he served as Political Director for the Broward Teachers Union, the collective-bargaining unit for public school teachers in the nation's fifth-largest school district, mobilizing a record numbers of membership participation during his tenure.

James began advocating for underserved communities at the age of six. His mother would take him to rallies to protest injustices that effected the community he grew up in. James was born in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood to Haitian immigrant parents, from whom he developed a sense of cultural pride and learned the importance of civic involvement, engagement and responsibility.

He earned a political science degree from Florida International University, and built a career fighting to protect unions and workers’ rights throughout the nation. His work with various unions has garnered him a reputation of someone who is consistent and deeply connected with community issues. 

When James is not advocating for working people, he volunteers at the Mobile School Pantry feeding southern Florida's most undeserved communities.

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