Deputy Communications Director, Digital





Adriana Granado is a multi-lingual digital communications professional, multi-media artist, educator, and community organizer. She joined the team as Deputy Digital Communications Director in June 2023. Previously, Adriana served as the Virginia Statewide Digital Organizer for the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) in Fairfax County. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in empowering educators to address the national teacher shortage. Her responsibilities included organizing colleagues, lobbying politicians, and advocating for increased state and county budgets to retain and train experienced teachers. Additionally, Adriana managed databases, websites, and software, while providing support to various organizational programs. She was instrumental in managing and designing content for websites, as well as broadening communication outreach through diverse digital platforms across the state.

Previously, Adriana contributed her skills to the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) as their Statewide Content Coordinator. Her efforts during the 2020 election were crucial in engaging voters online and motivating them to take action. She successfully managed content production and distribution across digital platforms, contributing to the turnout of over 200,000 low-propensity voters.

A Miami native, Adriana's dedication to social justice is evident in her work. Her journey in community organizing began following the passing of Trayvon Martin. She has since been actively involved in criminal justice reform, electoral education, and immigrant advocacy, striving to make a positive impact in her South Florida communities. Her career in digital communications and media spans over six years, complemented by a decade of experience in community and grassroots organizing.

Adriana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and an Associate of Arts in Mass Media Studies from Florida International University. Her commitment to social justice extends beyond her professional life. She has also enhanced her expertise by completing the Labor Leadership Skills Program at Cornell University's ILR School.