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Right now, there is a dangerous near-total abortion ban in Florida. Imposed on Floridians by extremist politicians, the law bans abortion before many people even realize they are pregnant, and before many pregnancies can be detected on an ultrasound. The state’s new abortion ban goes too far.  

It's now up to us to protect abortion access.

Here are some ways you can help: 

  1. Vote YES on Amendment 4

  2. Support Abortion Funds and Clinics

  3. Commit to Being a Defender of Reproductive Freedom

  4. Share Your Abortion Story 

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Vote YES on Amendment 4 

Decisions about abortion should be left to people who are pregnant – in consultation with their doctors, who take an oath to act in their patient’s best interests. But Florida politicians have banned abortion before many people even realize they are pregnant, with no real exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the patient.

Voters have the opportunity to change this reality in November. 

The “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion” will be on your ballot this November 2024, as “Amendment 4.”  Voters will be able to vote YES or NO on the amendment.

Voting YES for Amendment 4 would end Florida’s extreme abortion ban and get the government out of our exam rooms and medical decisions. 

We need to vote YES on amendment to put these decisions back where they belong: with pregnant people and their doctors, not politicians.

Learn more about your rights and the impact of Amendment 4 on abortion access in Florida here.  

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It’s important to support the work of the people who are protecting and expanding access to abortion care every day. Across Florida, several abortion funds are in need of donations to continue to provide care for people who are pregnant. 

Find an abortion fund here: National Network of Abortion Funds 

As the government continues to interfere with abortion and imposed a near-total ban, Florida must protect providers, patients, and helpers. 

We must do what we can to strengthen legal protections for abortion providers in our state. Protecting our providers also means equipping them with the tools to increase capacity and meet patient demand.

We must also ensure that pregnant people in Florida have clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on where to access legitimate reproductive health care. Crisis pregnancy centers, or CPCs, pose as legitimate health care facilities, but they are unlicensed centers that do not provide abortion care and have an anti-abortion agenda. They often pop up near legitimate clinics to deceive pregnant people seeking to access real abortion care. 

By supporting abortion funds, we can help prevent this from happening.

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Volunteer and bring a friend.

Sign up to volunteer with our Field team, learn about our upcoming events,  and get involved with our reproductive justice movement.

Vote. And make sure everyone you know votes. 

The only way we can guarantee that abortion care is protected in Florida and across the nation is by making sure we elect leaders who prioritize our health, constitutional rights, and access to abortion.

If you or anyone you know is not yet registered to vote, visit

Speak out about protecting abortion access. 

Not only is it crucial that people know about the impact of Florida’s current extreme abortion ban, but we must also keep the conversation going about how we can protect abortion access. 

By speaking up, we can raise awareness about abortion funds and Amendment 4.  All Floridians deserve the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions without political interference. Together we can make that a reality. 

Talk about Amendment 4 with your family and friends. Share our resources on your feeds to help inform others about the state of abortion access in Florida.

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Your story is important. And we want to uplight the voices of those who have had abortions. If you are interested in sharing your story, fill out this form to make loud and clear why our reproductive freedoms must be protected.